Move Well Physiotherapy FIT IN 20


1. BARBELL HIP RAISE x 10 reps

2. DUMBBELL SPLIT JUMPS x 5 reps per leg (10 reps in total)


4. BOX JUMP – LADDER – BOX JUMP x 6 times

5. HAMSTRING KICK ON BACK -x 5 reps per leg (10 reps in total)

Repeat 4 rounds !

1.  Barbell Hip Raise

Find a bench that is stable. Do this exercise with a light weight to start off on and then you can increase the weight as you see fit. Start by putting the barbell over your hips, gripping the bar firmly with your hands. Lean your upper back against the bench, raise your hips, while squeezing your glutes until your hips are in line with your body.


barbell hip raise

2. Dumbbell Split Jumps

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Stand in a staggered stance, your right foot on the ground and your left leg on a bench behind you. From starting position lower your body into a split squat position and once low enough jump up as high as you can moving the opposite arm and leg together like you would in a running motion.

REPEAT 5 REPS PER LEG (10 in total)

dumbell split jumps

3. Goblet Squat On Bench

Push two benches together with a slight gap in between them, stand with your feet on each bench. Hold a dumbbell vertically between your legs with both hands holding the dumbbell. Tighten your core and lower your body as far as you can by pushing your buttocks back, hips back and by bending your knees.


goblet squat

4. Ladders To Box Jumps

Get a ladder and a box that is an appropriate height. Place two boxes at the end of the ladders.

To start off do:  1. High knees 2. Butt kicks 3. Shuffle. 4. Single leg hops.

Do a box jump to begin with then the ladder routine and then do a box jump to end off on. For the box jump make sure you are in an athletic stance before you begin with your jump, drop quickly into a quarter squat , then extend your hips, swing your arms and push your feet through the floor to propel yourself onto the box.


ladders to box

5. Hamstring Push On Back

You will need a smith bar machine for this exercise. When added the desired weight, you will lie underneath the bar and place your forefoot on the bar. When ready and safety lever is on you will drop the bar until your knee is almost touching your chest. Explosively kick up and pause in this position then drop weight and repeat.

REPEAT 5 REPS PER LEG (10 in total)

hamstring push

Repeat 4 rounds of these 5 exercises!